How to Make Fringe on Knitted Scarves

Adding fringe to a knitted or crocheted garment can add a ton of personality and help make a big statement.  It's great for knitted shawls, cowls, and scarves (check out my Farrow Stitch Scarf Pattern).  Making fringe is quite simple.  Follow these steps to add bit of fringe to your finished pieces.

Step 1: Measure how long you want the fringe to hang and double that length.  This is how long you will need to cut each strand of yarn for the fringe.  Cut the number of pieces of yarn you need to complete the fringe using that length .


Step 2: Fold one piece (or however many pieces you'd like to weave through at a time) in half and pull through the edge of the garment.  In this case, I'm using one piece of yarn, which will look like two as the piece of yarn stays folded in half.

Step 3.  Pull the ends through the loop.

Step 4:  Pull yarn tight.

Repeat Steps 2-4 all across the garment.