How to Seam Garter Stitch

his tutorial teaches you how to seam the garter stitch with an almost invisible seam on the right side of your garment.  This is great for knitting cowls or hats that you'd rather knit flat than in the round.  My Garter Stitch Cowl Scarf is a great knit and it works up even faster if you knit it flat and then seam the edges together.

Step 1: Finish off your bind off and cut the yarn, leaving about 10-12 inches to use to seam up the side.  Thread the needle and line up the ridges to the garment is even.


Step 2: Now you need to join both garter stitch sides.  Pull your needle through the last stitch on one side and the other side.

Step 3:  Make sure you line the pieces up so the top ridges and bottom ridges are even.  Start by going up through a top ridge near the edge on your left side and pulling the yarn through.


Step 4:  Now, pull your needle through the bottom ridge on outside most stitch on the right side.


Continue Steps 3 and 4, all of the way to the top of the garment.  When you get to the top, pull the needle through the top of the left and right side.


And pull the yarn through the top part of the right side. Pull the yarn, being careful not to pull too tight.  Tie off.


This method creates a beautiful invisible seam on the right side.  On the wrong side, you'll see a small seam.


This method is great to use for my Garter Stitch Cowl Scarf.

Ashley LillisComment