Basic Summer Raglan Sweater Pattern

Summer Raglan Sweater.jpg

It's so fun to finally be able to wear white after this long, tough winter.  I've recently purchased some bright colored bottoms to liven up my wardrobe and thought it might be fun to knit a white short sleeve sweater to wear with these new additions.  I love the summer knits I've seen with larger gauges that are really stretchy so I decided to use large needles and two strands of yarn together, to create this easy summer piece.  It's a basic top down raglan sweater and it's very stretchy, so there's no tricky shaping involved.  This would be a great first top down raglan if you haven't tried one before or a fun quick knit for those of you who are more experienced.  It can also be easily modified (long sleeve, stripes, etc.) to make it your own.


  • Size US 15, 10.0mm 18" knitting needle 
  • 4 Size US 13, 9.0mm double pointed needles (for the sleeves)
  • 4 skeins of Lion Brand's Martha Stewart Crafts Extra Soft Wool Blend Yarn in Bakery Box White.  1 skein = 164 yds / 150m; 3.5 oz / 100g.  You can also use another medium weight yarn of your choice   
  • 4 stitch markers
  • Scrap yarn for the sleeves to divide for the body

4 inches = 11 stitches and 15 rows


  • BO = bind off
  • CO = cast on
  • DPN = double pointed needle
  • K1F&B = knit 1 stitch in the front and back (increase one stitch)
  • M = marker
  • PM = place marker
  • STS = stitches
  • SM = slip marker

Please note that I have written this pattern in one size to fit approximately a 34" bust; however, I make note of how to make the pattern smaller or larger along the way.  I encourage you to try the sweater on as you go along to make sure the size fits.


  • On the circular needle, holding two strands of yarn together, CO 60 STS and join in the round, placing a marking to denote the beginning/end of round.  
  • Row 1: K10 (Sleeve 1), PM, K20 (Front), PM, K10 (Sleeve 2), PM, K20 (Back), SM
  • Row 2: (Begin raglan shaping) *K1F&B, K to 1 ST before M, K1F&B, SM, repeat from * 3 more times.  You will have increased 8 STS total, 2 STS on either side of the 4 markers.
  • Row 3: K
  • Repeat Row 2 and Row 3 nine more times to fit an approximate 34" bust.  To make the sweater smaller, try repeating the rows 7 or 8 more times.  To make it larger, repeat Row 2 and Row 3 10 or 11 more times.  Depending on your gauge and how tight you'd like the sweater, try on the sweater and adjust the amount of rows in the pattern accordingly.

Divide for the Body

  • Place Sleeve 1 STS on a piece of scrap yarn, take off marker, K Front STS, take off marker, place Sleeve 2 STS on a piece of scrap yarn, K Back STS,  and make sure you leave a marker to denote beginning/end of round for the body


  • K in ST ST for approximately 16 " or until sweater reaches desired length minus about 1"
  • Complete 2 rows of twisted rib stitch (*K1 ST through the back loop, P 1 ST through the back loop, repeat from *)
  • BO in twisted rib stitch


  • Using DPNs, pick up sleeves STS and place evenly on 3 DPNs
  • K 1 round
  • Complete 2 rows of twisted rib stitch
  • BO in twisted rib stitch
  • Repeat for other sleeve